The Traitors (US), Spoilers

My wife and I started watching the 10-episode reality competition show, The Traitors (US version), earlier this week on Peacock. Throughout most of the first episode, we both weren't feeling it; the game was slow, the competitors mostly irritating, and it felt like it wasn't going anywhere. And then we got to the last, I don't know, 10-or-so minutes and everything came to a head. We were hooked.

We binged the rest of the episodes before week's end, and I have a few thoughts:

  1. That there was a mix of "reality" "stars" and normal people was an initial pain point, and it mostly remained that way. I would've much rather have watched a whole show of normal people competing. Some of the "celebs" really played into their "personalities."

  2. Alan Cumming seemed to be having a good time and I found him to be an enjoyable presenter.

  3. Every time I finish watching a season of a competition show like Survivor or Amazing Race, I can't stop thinking about how the players have got to be going through some PTSD - The Traitors (US) was no different. A quick web search brings up a few articles about it (the PTSD), but I could devour a book about it. I want to devour a book about it.

  4.! Just top marks for the guy. A real class act. What he did at the end was incredible, and I found it to be a tremendously dignified way to handle the situation.

  5. And the winner, Cirie...damn! Stone cold. Ruthless. Great gaming everyone! But damn...

Anyway, if you have thoughts about it, let me know. I feel like no one else is talking about it, and I feel like anyone who reads this (is anyone reading this?) won't reach out. But in the extremely miniscule chance that anyone (a) reads this, and (b) watched The Traitors (US), and (c) feels like talking about any of the above points (or others!), let me know.