Jason Isbell, Drunks, and a Pixel

My wife and I saw Jason Isbell at a really cool venue last night in Chicago. Next to us was a group of about four fairly drunk friends that grew to about eight even drunker friends as the show went on, all talking too loudly the whole time, and they kept bumping into us. I hated them.

Years ago at our wedding, my and my wife's first dance was to Isbell's "If We Were Vampires" so when he started playing it, she started taking a short video and, sure enough, the drunks are talking over much of it.

This got me to try using the Pixel video audio editor to try and remove the talking and it was actually kinda magical! It did a really great job of not affecting the song while really dropping down their drunken voices to barely anything at all.

Talking: Removed!

Pretty rad stuff! And the show was otherwise a really great time as well.


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