Season's Savings

Some software service providers have already started their holiday season sales and I'm going to share the promos for the products I use daily:


Proton has been my email provider for a little over six years now, and I think they're pretty great! Proton's privacy and security ethics and standards are top-notch, and the services it provides - email, calendar, cloud storage, VPN - are all rock solid.

Proton's Black Friday 2023 promotions end December 4.


Signal, my text communication platform of choice, is owned and operated by a nonprofit organization. This end-to-end (e2e) encrypted messenger app is multi-platform and always free to use, but since it's the holiday season, why not toss them a few bucks as a way to say thanks for being one of the good ones!

Signal's Donate Page

(Note: If you use the Signal app, you can donate directly through the Settings menu and, when you do it this way, you'll get a little badge next to your user profile picture to show off your support!)

Standard Notes

My note-taking app of choice is Standard Notes. It's clean, simple, efficient, multi-platform, e2e encrypted, and simply the best. While the free version is great on its own, the paid versions offers quite a few perks that may be worth paying for; outside of being what hosts this site (in a sense, more or less), it's also the app that hosts my two-factor authentication (2fa) codes - no more Authy!

At any rate, all plans are currently 50% off!


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