The Traitors (US), Spoilers

My wife and I started watching the 10-episode reality competition show, The Traitors (US version), earlier this week on Peacock. Throughout most of the first episode, we both weren't feeling it; the game was slow, the competitors mostly irritating, and it felt like it wasn't going anywhere. And then we got to the last, I don't know, 10-or-so minutes and everything came to a head. We were hooked.

We binged the rest of the episodes before week's end, and I have a few thoughts:

  1. That there was a mix of "reality" "stars" and normal people was an initial pain point, and it mostly remained that way. I would've much rather have watched a whole show of normal people competing. Some of the "celebs" really played into their "personalities."

  2. Alan Cumming seemed to be having a good time and I found him to be an enjoyable presenter.

  3. Every time I finish watching a season of a competition show like Survivor or Amazing Race, I can't stop thinking about how the players have got to be going through some PTSD - The Traitors (US) was no different. A quick web search brings up a few articles about it (the PTSD), but I could devour a book about it. I want to devour a book about it.

As for the spoiler-y bits...

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