Oh Snap!

I'm not going to call this game stupid - it's actually smartly made - but for reasons too complicated for me to explain right here and now (laziness), I started playing Marvel Snap the other day and it's really quite good, even for someone who doesn't give two figs about Marvel or its properties. So good, in fact, that it has its hooks in me much like Asphalt 9 on the Switch did a few years ago.

Screenshot of my Nintendo Switch profile page showing I played Asphalt 9 for around 195 hours.
More like Asphalt 195 hours.

I imagine I will eventually stop playing it, but it probably took two years to wane off of Asphalt, so I guess we'll see how Snap plays out, but that I'm playing and enjoying this game as much as I have been...that's what's stupid.

A Marvel Snap marketing image.
Oh Snap!

Oh! Also, happy new year!


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