...'cause I won't remember...

A few years back, detailed slightly when I wrote about Signal (please use Signal!), I got a little too deep into the weeds regarding privacy/security. Not that that's a bad thing to be thinking about and take actions to protect, but it also got me to a spot where I started making an effort to try and be less on my phone and more engaged in the moment. And not that that's a bad thing either, but the two together have resulted in me not being on Instagram anymore and me not pulling out my phone as much to take a picture of something, and so now most of my memories of being somewhere or going on vacation are only really viewable through the lens of my wife's phone/camera/eye. She has a lovely eye for things and we have some cross-over in our interests, but it's a weird thing to think about, and I'm not sure what even made me think of it just now.

Anyway, I'm going to try to take more pictures while just being mindful of it. That's something I would like to get better at doing.


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