Public Private Thoughts: October 11, 2022

I'm amused by how the chorus to Prince's most famous song about a style of flat-crowned cap made popular by the French, "Raspberry Beret", is like an audible allusion to the chorus of quintessential French pop classic, "Les Champs-Elysées".

Très intéressant.

RIP Austin Stoker. As my good friend Jesse said, "Big man’s up top, playing potatoes in heaven."

RIP Angela Lansbury. Nothing to add to this one.

RIP Getting folks to feel like they should support their local Public Broadcasting affiliate.

"Holiday Peanuts specials will not air on PBS this year, streaming exclusively on Apple TV+ alongside new festive originals" is the headline from 9to5mac, and between Apple grabbing these and Time-Warner-Discovery-HBO grabbing (then pulling episodes of) Sesame Street, well color me sad.


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