Death to America

There was a period of time (2016 and earlier) when I would tweet every year on the fourth of July something along the lines of "Today -- and every day -- freedom is my favorite f-bomb." and I'd smile about that smugly, knowing I've done enough to warrant enjoying the rest of my day filled with liberties and freedoms beyond my wildest dreams.

What a ruse.

Over the past half-a-dozen years, that switched from sometimes stating "Fuck this great country of ours." (said with hope in my heart) to not even acknowledging the date's relevance to this place -- nor any greatness it might've had (if any, ever) -- given where we are now, living in a godforsaken shitshow (sorry, no more hope).

There's a level of somberness I feel about the state of the States, and while it doesn't uplift me in the least bit, Sufjan Stevens' version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" does much to match what I'm feeling, at least, and I do find some comfort in that. Enjoy the song (as much as one can such a sobering take), give to your favorite charity, hug a loved one or pet (or both), and take care today to make the best of the things you have in your life that bring you the most comfort.

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